Forensic Reviews - Mortgage Fraud

Jim is an active member of Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA), has served in several leadership positions and is currently serving as President of the Dallas Chapter.

Jim has extensive experience in reviewing appraisals. He recently served as a consulting and testifying expert for two major law firms engaged by the FDIC in conjunction with litigation against two publicly traded AMC's. The cases involved several hundred appraisals nationwide. As a consulting expert, he helped identify and engage highly qualified local appraisers throughout the U.S. to perform retrospective field reviews on the original appraisals. As a testifying expert, he opined as to the USPAP compliance of the original appraisals and the original reviews performed for the lender and also opined as to the USPAP compliance of the retrospective field reviews done by the FDIC experts. Both cases went through the deposition stage but settled prior to trial.

Jim has also served as a consultant to the FBI in a large mortgage fraud case in North Texas.

Estates and Divorce Settlements

Jim has appraised a wide range of residential properties for the purpose of Estate Valuation and Divorce Settlements. He has testified on many occasions in depositions and in court. He recently was called as an expert witness in conjunction with a $10 million residential property.

Construction Issues

Jim has served as an expert witness for both homeowners and builders on several cases involving construction issues and property defects including stigma. These cases involved foundation failure, adverse drainage issues, mold, and a wide range of faulty construction issues. Mr. Goodrich recently was recognized by the North Texas Chapter of the Appraisal Institute for his paper entitled “Evaluating Stigma in Single Family Homes”. 

Evaluating Stigma in Single Family Homes

This an article that Jim submitted in 2009 and won 2nd place in a call of papers sponsored by the North Texas Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. Download